Specialised Vehicles


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Oil & Gas

When it comes to transporting flammable and dangerous substances like oil, gas and chemicals, safety is a priority. Our heavy-duty Euro 6 Trucks boasts of durability, power and fuel economy. Offering both quality and safety, you can be sure that our oil and gas vehicles are best suited for the job.


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Whether a crane or a street sweeper, we have the specialised vehicles just for you to enhance productivity and meet your landscaping needs. Our Euro 6 Trucks also comply with government safety requirements to ensure a safe application for all.

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Food Grade

The food and beverage industry have strict requirements when it comes to hygiene and temperature. We offer food grade trucks that are able to cater to the needs of food industries. Rest assured with your truck purchase as we provide efficiency and fuel economy to your day-to-day operations.


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The waste industry requires durable trucks such as rear-end loaders and dump trucks that can carry large and heavy loads. Our Euro 6 trucks are capable of just that. Maximising productivity while enhancing fuel efficiency, our heavy-duty trucks are an ideal choice for truck purchase in the waste industry.

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We cater specialised vehicles for military usage such as peacekeeping operations. Our armoured trucks provide you with the durability and safety to protect its crew, together with speed and efficiency to enhance combat field capabilities.


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Our business is to ensure that your truck purchase needs are satisfied. We offer other vehicle customisations that are not listed. Click on the “Enquire now” button to tell us what you need!


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