Specialised Truck Purchase

Selecting the best vehicles to fit your business needs

We bring to you various transport solutions that fully support your business. Our vehicles are customised and built according to your needs and demands, with the right applications in mind. commercial vehicle purchase


In the four decades since Goldbell was established, we have put in hard work and dedication to be at the forefront of the industrial vehicle distribution business. Our knowledge and experience is unparalleled, giving you the best in truck purchase.

Together with world-renowned brand FUSO, we aim to provide you with the best quality products with our complementary aftersales service for your needs.

Our FUSO Euro 6 Trucks are versatile to fit your business needs. We offer specialised vehicles for applications in various industries such as Oil and Gas, Waste, Landscape, Food Grade and Military. We even offer customised trucks to better suit your truck purchase needs.

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